To ROON or not to ROON ?

I have read a lot about upgrades from a blue sound vault of which I have. I have considered the rose, aurender, among others. The first question I have is Roon worth having ? I am a qobuz subscriber and wonder if Roon will make a substantial difference. As far as I know Aurender does not support Roon. Anyone with Room experience ?

THX for the feedback


Finding plenty of "new to me" on Qobuz without paying someone for questionable "tips." That said I mostly listen to local files, off network.

Plenty of good stuff to "discover" there.

For just over $100 a year what’s not to like there isNothing even close it even learns your type of music and will play mixes on its own , for information about groups and songs loaded with information it is interesting and is built to use HQ player which isa great way to get your music to sound to your taste.

Just paid for a lifetime subscription.

Have had all the software combinations spoken about above by others. But just wanted to stop fiddling and have perfect integration with superior meta integration. Roon fits that bill.


I only use it on one system, without a streaming service. Unlike my Apple computer gear, Roon just works.

+1 sbank

My story is much the same - loads of concert and other source material not available through streaming services on local storage, with a Qobuz subscription for high quality material. The two independent sets of material coexist seamlessly through my Roon library and I coudn't be happier with the ease of access to it all.

For those with both local storage and a streaming service subscription, I'd highly recommend trying the free Roon trial offer.

Same here .  I had Aurender and then purchased a new dac so went with Roon.  No regrets -bought the lifetime 

For me  it is more user friendly and I really enjoy its integration features which I’ don’t remember the Aurender app having. the Aurender app while good did not have anywhere near the features you get with Roon. Roon’s library feature is much better.

When you play an album you can see all the credited musicians.  You can explore their offerings by clicking them. It’s a great way to explore.  I have both qobiz and tidel