To ROON or not to ROON ?

I have read a lot about upgrades from a blue sound vault of which I have. I have considered the rose, aurender, among others. The first question I have is Roon worth having ? I am a qobuz subscriber and wonder if Roon will make a substantial difference. As far as I know Aurender does not support Roon. Anyone with Room experience ?

THX for the feedback


Roon is good for music discovery and good for music lovers.


So is Plex/Plexamp which I use and costs less for those streaming from their own music library and Tidal only at present.


If I did not already have Plex I might try Roon. However Plex allows one to stream from anywhere via internet connection or download. Home, work, car , anywhere. That and cost are two areas that Plex beats Roon.

Plex/Plexamp also has advantage of running on most any common computer tablet or smartphone so no special hifi devices needed for CD resolution streaming.

Well, All these posts are very interesting. Problem is when we ask if something is worth it or not, we dont know how wealthy the person giving the advice is. If I make $600 a week, is ROON worth it? No it is not. But if somebody make 500k/year, of course is worth it because $700 is not that much to that person.

To me is not worth it at all and I make $250k a year.  It is just a convenience but I dont think is worth that much. $500 would be a good deal but $700 can get me 5 years of Qobuz music. I like the program ROON but I dont think is worth that much. You cant even create an extra user for your wife or son. Only one person can use it - even without Qobuz or Tidal.  This lifetime model still can be seen in TIVO lifetime, a DVR for TV,  You get a hard drive to record 600 hrs of TV shows and TV listings for lifetime. It is a better deal for the TV world.  Now Tivo has a problem The FCC no longer forces cable companies to service TIVO anymore, so the TIVOs may stop working and then you are left with a box good for nothing. Something similar could happen to ROON. So Im not willing to gamble $700 for Roon. Lifetime. Thats my 2 cents

Roon integration is fraught with problems that are common among developers who want to make a difference in the world. It is impossible to make a change without having the ability to get it right. I would like to use the native app to get the best results. Today there is no one solution for the issue but the best solution is to get a better app that will allow for the best results. 


What’s your set up that’s troublesome?

Maybe I misunderstand you but Roon integration done right is smooth. If you are a coder or builder, then lucky you  I use off the shelf stuff.

By done right I mean a Roon nucleus as a core and cleaned up ethernet with a fast enough connection. The app is easy to use.  Lot’s here you can read up on. 

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