To ROON or not to ROON ?

I have read a lot about upgrades from a blue sound vault of which I have. I have considered the rose, aurender, among others. The first question I have is Roon worth having ? I am a qobuz subscriber and wonder if Roon will make a substantial difference. As far as I know Aurender does not support Roon. Anyone with Room experience ?

THX for the feedback



What’s your set up that’s troublesome?

Maybe I misunderstand you but Roon integration done right is smooth. If you are a coder or builder, then lucky you  I use off the shelf stuff.

By done right I mean a Roon nucleus as a core and cleaned up ethernet with a fast enough connection. The app is easy to use.  Lot’s here you can read up on. 

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I have a Node 130 that is apparently Roon ready. During set up, the Node is not recognized as a Roon device. As such, streaming occurs over Airplay which badly degrades the quality. I'm lost. I've tried everything.

Sorry to hear about your problem with the Node, tee dee.  I don’t think I can be much help, though. I had a Node but it set up very easily. Have you downloaded the Bluesound app? Can you run an ethernet cable into the Node?

Start a new thread and someone will be able to help you out.