To Stream or Not to Stream

Need advice Audiogoners... I'm considering jumping into the streaming "waters". The features of the Aurender ACS 10 are most appealing to me, specifically the CD ripper feature (have a collection in excess 7k CD's). Would coupling the Aurender with the Schitt YGGDRASIL be a good pairing? Recommendations and suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks
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If you are going into streaming, get a good quality dac, that's the most important piece. You don't need a dedicated streamer, been there. Get Roon, run it on a Linux or Mac and use any input on your dac as long it isn't usb or toslink or digital coax
I started a few years ago with an Aurender N100 and the internal Dac in my integrated.  I started with Tidal, and eventually added Qobuz to get an even wider variety of music.  The sound quality is excellent, and having access to such a range of music literally at your fingertips is wonderful. I have also started to accumulate digital downloads and ripped CDs and SACDs, which are stored on my Aurender, mostly of stuff that is not on the streaming services.  I am very happy with my choice.  Regarding your DAC, the Yggdrasil is a nice unit (a friend of mine has one, and it sounds quite nice).  The only thing you need to consider is whether either DSD or MQA is important to you.  If not, the Yggy is a good choice.
I have n Aurender paired with a Schiit Yggdrasil GS, and stream Quboz and Tidal. Highly recommend this combo!
You can also look for a DAC that supports upnp/dlna and run a UPNP server very easily in windows/Linux/Mac.  You can stream your CD rips and other mp3s.   BubbleUPNP app can cast to various renderers/dacs including Sonos.  It also recognizes my Boulder 866.  And it supports tidal and qobuz. And it's mostly free :)