To Stream or Not to Stream

Need advice Audiogoners... I'm considering jumping into the streaming "waters". The features of the Aurender ACS 10 are most appealing to me, specifically the CD ripper feature (have a collection in excess 7k CD's). Would coupling the Aurender with the Schitt YGGDRASIL be a good pairing? Recommendations and suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks
You may find that many of the 7K CDs you have are offered in hi-rez on Qobuz. Once you listed to a hi-rez version of a CD you own, you’ll likely not listen to it again.

Same album different re-issues
 Sorry but no, not when they give you the later compressed re-issues it’s not.

Cheers George

Love streaming convenience and all-world access, and highly recommend jumping in to anyone who has not, but for me, ripped CD source in the memory on my Innuos Zenith Mk3 is cleaner and fuller sounding than even hi res streaming. Streaming still great, ripped CDs just better-I listen to a lot of vocals,   Other gear:  Hegel H390, Dali Rubicon 6’s, REL T/9x. Qobuz user. 

What kind of music do you listen to? Almost all popular stuff is available for streaming. But some users who enjoy a deep collection of classical music often complain about searching for stuff via streaming. Burning classic CDs also can cause cataloging and artwork cover issues…