To venture back into vinyl or not,...that is the question.

I have been without vinyl playback for a few years.  Last turntable I had was a Linn Axis with Basik tonearm and a newer version of the ADC XLM mark"something".  

Any suggestions on a used table to consider.....under 500.00 if possible.  Or maybe just an old BSR and "stack 'em up"?

What's your reason for returning to vinyl? Do you have a record collection that you want to revisit? Nostalgia? Something else? There are a lot of tables that will let you enjoy your vinyl for around $500, but it's true you'll probably need to spend more to experience the "magic".
I don't know anything about turntables under $500. I'm sure that is lots of info on this site. I have 100s of LPS, subscribe to QoBuz, and use an SACD/CD player. However:

Sometimes SQ depends on the LP mix and the CD mix. A friend brought over a B’way show album original cutting very early stereo and it sounded a bit strange to me. Pure nostalgia for her. I got a copy of the ’new’ CD that had been remixed from the same tapes decades later. I had her leave the room before playing/selecting the CD but left the record spinning. She was amazed at the sound and asked why it was so good all of a sudden.

I made her a present of the CD.

If you listen to historic performances originally captured from off the air or wire recordings such as Charlie Parker often the digital cleanup on a CD is quite impressive. If you could find the 78s/33s I doubt they would sound as good.

I might add that the quality of the reproduction chain I use is beyond reproach so it does not enter into the conclusion.
09-19-2020 10:
do streaming and pretend it sounds better.LPs will always be KING!!

YUP. Have to agree with Ed!  
There are two stone/resin Kenwood TT with Infinity Black Widow arms ( 1 with a Grado wood body cartridge ) FS at Stereo Unlimited in San Diego.....$500

you will need  to convince them to ship.....