Tokyo vinyl and audio suggestions

After 5 months living in the mainland China hi-fi desert, I'm headed to Tokyo next month and will be in Japan for about 2 weeks before heading home and firing up the system at last. Who's got advice on where to do some record (LP vinyl only) shopping while I'm there? Interested in jazz recordings, mainly. High quality and reasonable pricing preferred. And what other audiophile destinations should be on my Japan agenda?

Also will be visiting Kyoto and surrounding area of Southern China for several days, so give me your suggestions as well for LP records and audio shops in that part of Japan.

Thanks for any suggestions along these lines.
There are tons of sellers of Jazz Vinyl on Ebay located in Japan.I would spend some time making a list and sending some emails.You might connect with some private dealers and they could refer you to some retailers in the area you will be located in.Keep it simple as the language barrier is still an issue,unless you speak the native tongue.
Hey..I have a good buddy who lived in Japan for 10 years and knows many many places for you to check out.Not sure how we can connect..maybe you could locate my email through Agon site? I would love to put you in contact with my friend.
Fromunda: I'll check here for any Japan audio suggestions you or your buddy can post. Thanks!
This is an email from my buddy Kingpin....

tell your friend to go to "Vinyl Japan" in "Nishi Shinjuku" area.

here is a blurb with directions i found online:

go to "Vinyl Japan#3" simply an amazing place...

once there, tell him to get lost in that general area (and eat "Ramen" if he sees people lining up in that area in front of "Ramen" will be delicious); there are a ton of record stores.

he should also ask around to other record shoppers in the area and get advice because the shops change locations all the time and there are new ones here and there that pop up. there are books as well but unfortunately for the most part are in japanese. there are other areas in / around tokyo with record stores. have him ask at "Vinyl" and they should be able to point him in the right direction for what he is interested in. that's the first step; find out what he is interested in and the he can get shop suggestions.

there are other places outside of this area / outside of central tokyo but a little difficult to find / navigate.

"Vinyl 3" and that area in "Nishi Shinjuku" will keep him busy for his entire trip...just go from there and explore. lots of stuff and he will find stores as well; tell him to look for the record shop displays on the street. wont' miss them.