Tom Cruise

In the wake of audiophiles Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon discussing audio systems on the Tonight Show, be sure and catch the scene in the new Mission Impossible movie where Cruise searches for a John Coltrane LP in a record shop.
I could only find two instances, online, where there's a photocopy of Bush's dui record. One was in Maine and the other in Texas. How many warnings and rides home he got is anecdotal. Both times they were reported by the media, including that one called FOX.

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"I'll bet Tom and Jimmy are looking at this silly thread and laughing."

I will take some of that action.....

All sitting U.S. Presidents don't drive their own cars. All former U.S. Presidents are provided lifetime Secret Service protection which includes a driver. Not sure how a former U.S. President accumulates "dozens" of DUI's?
Let's put this in perspective, Brf. Can you think of anyone, anyone at all, that has had "dozens" of DUI arrests? Now add to that the notoriety of being a former U.S. president (or anyone recognizable) and you see how ridiculous that statement was.

Schubert was talking out of his a*&, and when called on it, suddenly disappears.