Tom Evans Speakers

Does anyone here own or have any experience with Tom Evans speakers? He makes nice equipment and I'm wondering if his speakers follow in the same tradition. Any experience would be most welcome.
I auditioned a pair for a few weeks last year, comparing them to a pair of 13k Meadowlark Blue Herron 2's. They are outstanding speakers and like all of Tom's work, very intelligent and balanced. They held their own with the Meadowlarks with a relaxed clarity and wonderful soundstage. Their small size is seductive to my tastes as are their simple elegant aesthetics. I think they take a long time to break in and would have liked to have given the bass driver another month. I could hear them opening up over the time I had them and suspect they might have eventually eclipsed my Meadowlarks. I should disclose that I am a serious Tom Evans fan and user.
I agree that Tom Evans designs are intelligent with a certain no nonsense approach to creating some of the very very best audio available anywhere. I suspect his speakers would take the same approach. Thanks for the possitive feedback on Tom's speakers.