Tone arm question

I recently purchased the Thorens TD 160 HD without a tonearm to fit in a custom built plinth i'm building. I need some suggestion on a brand and or model of a tonearm that will match the Thorens. I have a budget of 2,000.00. You can buy a lot nicer tonearm used, But do tonearms ever wear out under normal use
At this point I have not purchased a cartridge for the 160. My intergrated bryston B100 has a MM stage built in so for now i am staying with a MM cartridge. I hope to upgrade later. Most of my funds at this moment are for the listening room I am builbing.
Thanks Viridian
That was the answer i was looking for. It seems to be a good move to buy a used tonearm. Even if you do not need a top of the line arm you can afford one. The higher end arms are a lot easier to tweak than new ones for the same money
The Morch tonearm is one to have on your list. Excellent sound, very versatile, and is within your budget. I recently posted a review in the analog review section. Have not tried it on a TD 160 HD, but have briefly tried it on a modified TD 160 with good results.
Viridian answered your question very well, so I'll only add that you can get an excellent tonearm from Rega for much less than $2000. Before you actually buy a tonearm, I urge you to check out the Rega RB700 and RB1000 models.