Tone arm question

I recently purchased the Thorens TD 160 HD without a tonearm to fit in a custom built plinth i'm building. I need some suggestion on a brand and or model of a tonearm that will match the Thorens. I have a budget of 2,000.00. You can buy a lot nicer tonearm used, But do tonearms ever wear out under normal use
The Morch tonearm is one to have on your list. Excellent sound, very versatile, and is within your budget. I recently posted a review in the analog review section. Have not tried it on a TD 160 HD, but have briefly tried it on a modified TD 160 with good results.
Viridian answered your question very well, so I'll only add that you can get an excellent tonearm from Rega for much less than $2000. Before you actually buy a tonearm, I urge you to check out the Rega RB700 and RB1000 models.