Tone control and ceiling fan issues

I need some help to analysis and find solutions or fixed for my preamp Rotel 1590
When tone control bypass is on the preamp is dead quiet  but when tone control bypass is off the amp make some hissing noise and react to my ceiling fan and AC when I turn on the ceiling fan/ or AC KICK IN it makes some loud pop sound it happens only when tone control bypass is off
I have try 4 different amps no luck 
I’m  using dedicated 20amp lines and surgex SA1810 and Panamax 
I have 3 Sony AVRs ZA5000ES series in this house and non of them has that problem 
I use to own Parasound P6 no issues at all 
I try connect the preamp straight to wall or conditioner no luck 
I try different outlet same problem 4 different speakers KLF 30 chorus ii Epic CF4 and Forte ii 
I bought it use so no warranty 
I have try some ground plugs and Ametek Powervar nothing works 
any suggestions or recommendations for fix in Houston Texas area thanks 

If I understand you correctly.. You engage the tone control and it makes noise, without it, it doesn't.

Your asking where a repair facility is in the Houston Area?
Yes I’m trying to see if there’s work around 
the ceiling fan is the issue making loud pop sound when tone control bypass is off 
Do you have another outlet? One not  connected to the fan circuit?

   Been there, we are close to a radio station tower, and it interferes with everything audio in my house. 
   Must be an outlet made with a filter on it, or something. Search around. 
 Good luck, hope you find peace. 
It’s a dedicated 20 amp. NOTHING else is on the circuit.

If you turn on the ceiling fan you get a noise or the AC, correct?

You get a pop, but only when you engage the tone control. You have the work around for a BROKEN tone control. You have other units that will work in it’s place. No issues right? I’m not understanding what you’re asking..

One time my son came into work with his mother to bring me lunch, he was 4 years old at the time. A guy was having a heck of a time fixing this electrical problem on a Pete 379. So I took my son and introduced him to the older mechanic (40 years ago) and I said, "Ben tell him what’s wrong". My son said quickly, "IT BOKE", I chuckled and said even my son knows what’s wrong, what’s your deal? The guy just busted up.. We all laughed about that for 15 more years.. It’s Broke... He Knew..


But add something after so you can still have tone control?

How about a Zpre3 Parasound, what a nugget that is. I found one in perfect shape and SQ was perfect. 295.00 usd.. They are a great little preamp..

Lordrootman I still have not seen the response if you are sure it’s a dedicated line? Did you have it put in?  It’s all connected but a dedicated line brings it further away from the noise. I don’t think buying another eq is the answer, sounds like you definitely have a noise problem. Might bandaid it. 
It sounds like the tone controls have their own power supply section and it may be bad.  You could have it checked out.
@mofojo yes I’m running 2 separate dedicated 20 amp line with 10 gauge wires 
yes I pay electrician to install them for me 
I’m only having this issue with Rotel 
my previous preamp Parasound P6 never has that problem it has tone control bypass too
I have Cambridge Azur 851N and Cocktail Audio X45 Pro used them sometimes like a preamp with no  issues 
 I use to own Rotel high end preamp Michi P5 with The same issues when Tone Control  is engaged 
OK I understand now. You've owned other Rotels. The other one did the same thing when the tone control was engaged.

Well I truly think that is a question for Rotel, don't you OP? I've never dealt with them. Maybe they have an answer, EVEN if it's what you don't want to hear..