Tonearm for XX2

I'm looking to upgrade my Origin Live Silver Mk2 to something that will bring out a little more detail and shift the tonal balance more up the range it's a bit bass heavy for my liking with not enough bass detail.

I'll mate it to my Acoustic Solid deck and Dynavector XX2. Options I'm considering in my price are a 2nd hand SME V, a MoerchDP6, Graham2.2 or Vpi12.5.

Any suggestions please guys, I can't demo so I'll buy blind

What about the Dynavector 507MK2?
It is better than the arms you mention, should work great on a non-suspended table especially with your cartridge.
As always, more info needed. Have you got a VTA adjuster on your OL Silver because intuition tells me you should be getting quite a good sound from your rig and my initial suspicion is that raising the arm height might balance it up for you.

I've used my XX-2 in an Expressimo modded RB250 (similar to the OL) and it sounds pretty good. I've never been convinced by the SME V (but Raul has posted here that it works well with Acoustic Solid decks) and whilst the Moerch is clever I don't think it's one of the best sounding.

I get pretty good results with the XX-2 on a classic FR64s so you may want to look out for an Ikeda (Ikeda-san designed the FR64 and his recent arms are built to higher standards). I would suggest you add the Tri-planar to your list - they seem to match Dynavectors really well.

Buying blind is a spin of the roulette wheel so don't overpay and you start with whichever arm you would be able to sell on easiest (if you don't like what it does for you).

Final thought, you didn't mention your phono stage. What have you got and what impedance load are you running?
I've played with the VTA adjustemnt, it's a clamped sleeve so a bit difficult to get fine adjustments.

Interesting comments about the Ikeda designed arms, I've been looking at the IT407 and wondering whether I can find $3000, but I guess I can't, sob!

My phono stage uses the S&B Tx103 SUT which loads the cart with about 100ohms. The rest of the phono is a DIY valve stage using passive RIAA eq. I've not experimented with changing the cartridge loading.

Totally agree with comments about buying blind, hence the question here, I'm trying to use your's and others knowledge to improve my chances at getting a purchase more likely to suit me.

Dynavector DV507 looks interesting but seems to be rare as rocking horse manure.

Many thanks for the response.

100 ohm should be about right although you could try 30 and 500 and see what effect it has.

I'm running a DV507 Mk II at the moment. Listening impressions to follow however I'm not sure it would be my choice.

I've seen the Ikeda IT345 in the low $2000s on ebay iirc - it's worth doing a search of completed items. I've read reports that the Graham 2.2 can lose energy/excitement - e.g. the Stereophile review of the Galibier table.

I've been privileged to hear a new unipivot design that will be launched in the UK at around GBP 1000 in the autumn that will be a great match for the XX-2 (mail me offline for more info) and that would be my choice.

If you can't wait, there's always the GH 242 which is very lively and articulate.

Keep us posted on your progress.
Have you considered modding the OL Silver. A new wiring harness ,one piece from cartridge leads to your pre, i would use the cryoed Cardas wire/bullets. That should give you tighter bass and more highend content. Also maybe a tonearm mounting board made of a different material(acrylic, wood,bamboo,etc) would change the sound more to your liking. I have a bronze endstub and dropped counterweight on my RB250 and that made a huge difference in my set up. After doing all these mods, if you still are not happy with the sound, a fully modded OL Silver should be easy to sell. Just a thought. I like Flyingred's suggestion of the Hadcock GH 242 although i'd probably try the GH 228 because it will drop right in to the OL hole. The XX2 is an excellent cartridge, maybe a different phono stage would be in order, you didn't mention what you are using. I think cartridge and phono stage are more important than the arm. I use a Dynavector P-75 phono stage in the "phono enhance" mode, not with a XX2, but a Karat and a couple Denons and AT-33PTG and think it is a great bargain for $600. I also have a Wright 200C tube MM stage and Bent Audio transformer for about$1700.! They both allow you to fine tune just about any cartridge to optimum performance.