Tonearm Lifting Device, Any Ideas???

Need help in locating a tonearm lifter to lift the tonearm off the lp at the end of the side.
Sometimes the music is soooooo good that you're completely involved and get up to late to lift it.
There was a company that advertised one last year but can't remember who.
Also any suggestions on experiences with this type of item on your tt.
My TT is a Music Hall mmf 7
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Rick.
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There is an out-of-production product called the Audio Technica "Safety Raiser" that might be found used or on Ebay. It is a very nice little unit that works better than the others I have tried. I have used the Expressimo "Lifter" and the Monitor Audio "Stylift". These are essentially the same units, as Expressimo has simply resurrected the old Monitor Audio "Stylift" design.
I currently use the "Safety Raiser" and it is the best I ever used. It could probably be found used for about $25.