tonearm match ZYX Universe Moerch and Triplanar

I decided to take a much bigger analog plunge

I'm working with Mehran on a tonearm for a Zyx Universe
between the Moerch DP6 and Triplanar VII. Mehran is really great - a true audiophile gentleman.

the precise dial in setup of the triplanar interested me (particularly because I am a relative neophyte at this) but it's a bit more expense.

I currently have a Nottingham Spacedeck which I'll eventually upgrade from but the Moerch drops directly into the Spacedeck mount and others here tell me the Notts match well with the Moerch.

Can anyone commment on the synergy of these two with the Universe? later flexibility with other tables? any other helpful jewels of knowledge would be greatly appreciated (I don't want to limit myself like with the Spacedeck).

My listening preferences lean more toward correct tonal balance and engaging dynamics over ultra hi resolution. I listen to a lot of jazz, acoustic and rock music.



I think you'll be out of the optimum weight range of the Neuance shelf if you're considering placing the Gavia on it (or the Target wall mount shelf for that matter). IIRC, the weight limit for the Neuance shelf is around 35-40 lbs - the Gavia is almost 3x that. Think massive reinforcement or serious bracing if you plan on using the Gavia as a wall mount - sheet rock toggle bolts or plastic anchors aren't going to cut it. Nice setup - analog bliss is nearly at hand!

Richard - thanks for the warning

I have a target shelf that has a piece of plywood reinforced to the wall and studs
may not be enough for the Gavia

what would you suggest
Sound Anchors?

Ringy tone on MANY arms??!!!.....thou kiddest surely?!
I have a 30 year old Hadcock GH228 Unipivot...UNDAMPED...with the ZYX Universe sounding amazing as it does on EVERY arm I've heard!
I have to agree with Thomas on this one Dgad.....the ringing indicates something wrong in your system methinks?
I just noticed Dgad's comment. Maybe he was referring to some other model than a UNIverse (Airy 3 perhaps?). Otherwise I cannot understand his remark. I've heard a UNIverse on seven or eight different arms. It never came close to sounding "ringy" on any of them. I'm with Thomas and Halcro.

Meanwhile, back on topic, I'm excited for you Audiotomb. Do be careful where you put that Galibier though. Email me if you need a copy of my "how to fine tune VTF" with a TriPlanar/UNIverse. I don't remember if I sent it your way or not.

I have and currently own too many cartridges for it to be a system related anomaly. Mind you now it has become an excellent performer but in the Schroder. Not in anything else that I have tried yet. Give it time though I am sure I will try more. My compliance is definitely lower than most peoples.