Tonearm recommendation

Hello all,
Recently procured a Feickert Blackbird w/ the Jelco 12 inch tonearm.
The table is really good, and its a keeper. The Jelco is also very good, but not as good as my Fidelity Research FR66s. So the Jelco will eventually hit Ebay, and the question remains do I keep the FR66s or sell that and buy something modern in the 5-6 K range. My only point of reference is my old JMW-10 on my Aries MK1, so I don't know how the FR66s would compare to a modern arm. So I'd like to rely on the collective knowledge and experience of this group for a recommendation.

Keep the FR66s, or go modern in the 5-6K range, say a Moerch DP8 or maybe an SME.

Any and all thoughts and opinions are of course much appreciated.

Cheers,      Crazy Bill
Dover, Did not see your last post until now.  Rest assured I was joking about using an ADC XLM on an FR64S.  That would be an extreme worst case scenario, indeed.  I don't own an XLM anyway.  I just got my TT101 up and running for the first time, on my basement system. With the FR64S and an Acutex 320LPMSTRIII.  It's what I had lying around, in a Dynavector headshell.  Just at the moment of truth, my wife entered the scene, wanting to use the exercise machine in our basement.  When she gets done, I will give it another go.  I thought I might have heard some bass rumblings, per Raul's warning, but she had the TV too loud by that time for me to be certain.
Dear lewm: Yes, I learnen about the IMD critical factor on speakers when I added my subs and that's why I gave my advise to you with those great Sound Labs. Before that I was unaware exactly on the speakers IMD problems.
Subs always help but qwe can't avoid 100% of the speakers IMD, so mantain it at minimum must be our each one target.

In the other side and contrary to my last audio years " preach " that: it does not matters if we like what we are listening if we are listening high distortions then we are wrong and must change about.

I can't remember exactly why I just forgot that because as I said I spreaded everywhere that if we like what we are listening we have not care about tonearm/cartridge resonance frequecy.
Big mistake/error that fortunatelly I already fixed. I know for sure that some of us still live " in the mistake " and are happy as I was.

People with FR or SAEC tonearms can't be satisfied with what they are listening. These tonearms has 30+ effective mass even with a lightweight headshell and if we mount on it a MM high compliance cartridge that normally has 6 grs. of weight and at least 35 cu the resonance frequency will be around 4hz and maybe lower. Has no sense to do it but I did it for years.

I posted several times from years now and every where that the most critical and vital frequency range for a truly excellent audio system quality performance is the bass range and mostly the low frequencies in that range. Any audio system quality performance level depends on the system quality of its bass management. Well this is an overall subject that needs other thread.

regards and enjoy the music,
Seems to me that more people enjoy the confrontations and debates, which then turn into mean spirited attitudes with absolutely no practical application to those seeking opinions. After all, we all have ears that most likely hear differently, and come from different backgrounds of cultural sophistication and exposure to what we have allowed the void between our ears to be filled.

No one has all the answers -- not even the so-called experts -- especially those who arrogantly place that crown upon their own head and demand everyone recognize their title. People also develop an obvious loyalty to the products they buy, because otherwise, they have to admit they bought poorly . . . and that then becomes for some, a matter of pride; therefore, when someone INJURES their choices in audio gear -- they are also injuring the character and integrity of the owner.

Obviously people are duped by skilled and cleaver advertising that is made to convince the public to buy their product over another. Tonearms are about as numerous as cars these days. So one likes the style, the mechanics, the road handling of such and such brand over another, but the problem as in tonearms, is the pride of ownership in saying without controversy: “I have the very best!” BUT, for how long? The consumer food chain claims this one “tastes” the best today, only to be degraded to a piece of junk the next, and anyone who disagrees is also downgraded to moron should they try to defend it. Unless one is earning big bucks, I would venture to say that the rest of us simply cannot keep up with the Jones . . . and why should we? If you like what you like, and someone else does not -- so what! Both of you don’t have to listen to the other person’s choices . . . and apart from the macho and testosterone attitude being exhibited . . . I don’t see where much else is being accomplished -- do you?

Even among those who afford the “very best” tonearms as they come out today, they still can’t agree, and when you get the so-called “experts and interpreters” who supposedly have the superior golden ears and the public’s attention -- THEY DON’T AGREE on every point either, as they still have their own favorites based upon their own reasons, which professionally they then must dogmatically defend or lose their jobs as reviewers (not to mention their big fat paycheck). Accept that, and you will be that much further ahead of the game. Use people’s opinions as a guide for what they are worth -- most definitely fallible (I didn't say worthless), because that is what mankind in general is all about . . . imperfection; however, whether we like to admit it or not, we supposedly also learn by our mistakes until the next one occurs. Personally, I still haven’t met any of my contemporaries who have achieved any status or level of perfection . . . but I have met many who have the attitude and arrogance to think so and make it a point to tell you so.

Please, enjoy the hobby and get over it -- the fruitless arguments and insults -- not the debates, mind you . . . they're entertaining and quite informative. The best tonearm/cartridge -- is the one you bought, listen to, and thoroughly enjoy.
Hello all,
I guess it's time to resurrect this thread and move it in a new direction.
My buddy struck again, and the Blackbird has been replaced by an Amazon Grand Referenz. I've got the Moerch ( 12 inch ) DP8 on it.

My phonostage is presently a Decware ZP3. The only high output cartridge I've got is an Audio Technica AT150MLX, and that is mounted on the Moerch. Set-up via a MF Geodisc. Got a Mint on the way, so set-up will be better.

While I will build a board to mount the FR66s on the Amazon to compare to the Moerch, the Moerch is so sublime ( and it's not optimal yet ), the FR66s has an uphill battle. But I will listen with an open mind. The bass response of the Moerch is superior to anything I've ever heard, and will be tough to walk away from. But I want this to be as good as possible within the following confines.

I'm seriously looking at a couple of other arms instead of the Moerch or FR.
1). One of the Reed arms ( 12 inch ).
2). A Durand arm ( either the Talea2 or the Kairos ).

Has anybody ever had a chance to compare, or listen to, any of these arms.

The Moerch and FR66s are really very good. But if the Durand or Reed arms will elevate the musical experience, I would like to know your thoughts.

I'm not getting any younger, and I want to finalize my path to vinyl nirvana.

Thanks for any help.

Cheers,                                  Crazy Bill
If I were you Crazy Bill....I'd be investing my funds in better cartridges.
Much greater 'bang for buck' in that department IMHO and your arms are more than adequate to reap the benefits.