Tonearm Suggestions

I have limited knowledge on tonearms and need suggestions on a tonearm new or used on a $1000 budget (max) that will out perform my modifed RB-300 with drop counterweight, VTA adjuster and VdH wire.

The cartridge I use is a Grado Reference so it will have to be lightweight to limit that infamous "Grado Dance". I also use a Golden Cross phono cable and the table is similar to a Linn Sondek

I thought maybe Hadcock or Morch because their light but thats pushing the limit if bought new.

Any other suggestions would be helpful.
The Morch outperforms modified RB300’s by quite a margin – it is a different class altogether. Try a Morch, you will be shocked (and impressed). As I mention I have two on my turnable.

I have never tried a Morch on a suspended table, so I cannot comment. However, I have no reason to believe that it would not work on a properly tuned suspended table.

On the suspended table you have to measure the weight of an armboard.
Weight of Armboard + Weight of Tonearm shouldn't change.
Hi Marakanetz

I"m not sure I follow you perhaps you could elaborate.

My table doesn't have an armboard it is connected directly to the subchassis. The subchassis is made of metal and also contains the bearing housing making it quite heavy.
...than the kinematics are much more sophisticated or straightup you should look for the tonearm of exactly the same weight.

my Michell has an armboard for RBs but whenever i'd want to change arm i could order a different armboard for such...