Tonearm wiring question

I have a Goldring GR 1.2 and I think I might have messed up the either, a clip connection or worse, the wiring in my arm changing cartridges. I've basically narrowed it down to this by a process of elimination. I changed phono stage, cartridge, and L+R channels. The problem is that the right channel is considerably more quiet, or in other words the center image is between center and the left speaker. Will I have to rewire the arm? If so, what are my options? I know about Incognito and the other various litz wiring upgrades but I don't see the point on a Goldring, unless it's my only option. What do I do?
Check the resistance of the wiring on both channels from cartridge to end of cable. Should be the same on both, just a few ohms. Also check resistance l - r, which should approach zero.

You might have broken the right cable which would require a rewire. Could be the cable out to the preamp as well. More likely you loosened a solder connection that will have to be resoldered. If you have to rewire the arm, use the same type of inexpensive wire, good quality, though, that Goldring uses for this.
Thanks for your help. I've been meaning to get a multi-meter so this will be as good an excuse as any. Is there a way to determine whether the problem is in the connection or wire?