Tonearms of exotic materials- esp. Carbon?

Regarding exotic materials for tone arms....

I am aware of Alphason and SME using titanium on some arm tubes, and, believe it or not, Technics using Boron and Titanium nitride on some arm tubes.

Sony used carbon "charging" on some arm tubes.

Grado and Grace using hardwood.

Graham using ceramic.

SME using Magnesium for some.

Even have seen what looks like polycarbonate on an unidentified arm. ???

As to CARBON FIBRE/CARBON TUBING- my main point of interest-

ADC offered three arms, Pioneer offered at least one arm, Infinity's Black Widow at least one.

Any more CARBON FIBRE/CARBON TUBING arms you know of?:scratch
Thank you for all the excellent responses so far.

Pretty much, my intent was to turn up info on various tone arm materials used.

I find it interesting that different approaches have been taken- wood, carbon fibre, boron, ceramic, titanium, and other materials.

Tone arm material is just one factor of many in regards to the end result and sound.

I have a pair of carbon fiber arms and a pair of titanium arms in my stable currently, and find both to perform quite well.

I am able to enjoy all of them very much.

I enjoy the added discussions here regarding the effects and influence of various materials on the sound, and do hope to see more.

My original inquiry was quite humble though- just looking to see what materials have been used in manufacturing tone arms.