Tonearms with no anti-skate adjustment

I am in recent possession of a Grace 704 uni-pivot tonearm, which has no anti-skate adjustment. This is not optimal IMO, but should I really be worried?

My reference to it being "a big deal" with unipivots was really with respect to the importance of measuring VTF directly at record height with that type of arm.

Very easy to be out/light .2 to .3 grams if measuring above record height with unipivots. With other arms, not so much of an issue.

I wasn't suggesting in the least that records would be played at that level due to warps or any other reason (ie. installing an aftermarket mat without adjusting for SRA/VTA)  that would result in the overhang being off.
Yes I agree - I always measure and set vtf with arm dead level and more importantly do the alignment with the arm level as well first. If the vta needs significant adjustment I recheck the alignment before doing dialing in VTF by ear. Its an iterative process.
Revealed Rega apparatus calibration marks far from accurate.  Was a great aid getting the RP10 dialed in.  YMMV.  
If the arm is level, then moving the pivot point up or down moves the counterweight closer to the pivot ...
It isn’t clear what you’re claiming here. It doesn’t make sense if what you mean is that raising the arm brings the counterweight closer to the pivot. The distance between pivot and counterweight will remain the same if all you do is raise the arm.

You can use a VTF scale to confirm that if you raise a statically balanced arm, you’ll increase VTF and if you lower the arm, you’ll decrease VTF. That’s easy to measure.

To be fair, the VTF doesn't really change much, based on my measurements.