Tonearms without anti-skate, damage to records?

I am picking up a pivoted tonearm without any provision for bias (anti-skate) force. I would appreciate opinons on if using this arm can damage my records or phono cartridge due to the lack of this feature. Thanks.


@rauliruegas , And that is why Howard Johnson's made 28 flavors. 

At this moment I am integrating my new MA 2 amplifiers into the system and it has been anything but smooth sailing. I have a circuit breaker that keeps tripping. It can't handle the load. I will have to upgrade that line. And I just learned that I can not interrupt the power to the JC 1s or they will not trigger. They will require a whole new line. Antiskating is the least of my worries. On the bright side before the breaker trips things are sounding remarkably good and I have not gotten around to fine tuning the system yet. The JC 1s thunder on the subwoofers. With a damping factor of 2000 they toss those cones all over the place with utter abandon. 

Have a drink and look at those cantilevers again. 



@mijostyn  : You have yet a very long road to be " there " and that " there " will be longer when you introduce your supertweeters. Good luck.

The true fine tunning is acommplished with a high resolution roomsystem and you have it, good.



@rauliruegas I will always have a long way to go because I enjoy doing it. I spent yesterday rewiring the basement amplifier shelf with a new 20 amp service for the MA 2s. I also had to rework the trigger system. Atmasphere designed and equipped my amps with a special trigger. When presented with a 12 volt trigger (the industry standard) the amp's filaments light up first then about a minute later the B+ is triggered and the amps go operational. He did not charge me a cent for it! I hope he gets to sell it to other people as an option. Because my amps are under the speakers in the basement I could not live without a trigger system. Perhaps I am the guinea pig. I am totally fine with that. 

I am not at all sure about the tweeters yet. I have to see how the new amps do.

Thanx for the compliment. I do not think the subwoofers are high resolution...yet. They will be if I don't die first. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, here we witness the results of audiophiles not taking their medications.