Tonearms without anti-skate, damage to records?

I am picking up a pivoted tonearm without any provision for bias (anti-skate) force. I would appreciate opinons on if using this arm can damage my records or phono cartridge due to the lack of this feature. Thanks.


Ladies and Gentlemen, here we witness the results of audiophiles not taking their medications.

I recently restored a Technics SL-6 linear tracking turntable, with a simple replacement of the tiny belt that drives the cartridge mounting mechanism.  I am extremely impressed with the overall performance of this unit - even with a relatively inexpensive Audio Technica AT-92e pickup.  If you are willing to accept the limited selection of P-mount cartridges available - these types of turntables supply an ideal solution to the complex "skating" problems inherent in all pivoted tonearms.  Furthermore, the convenience features of these units provide an additional incentive to go this route!