Tons of Tandsberg stereo equipment just dropped on eBay

Heads up, I have no affiliation with this eBay seller what so ever. You have my word on that. 
I just love Tandberg gear and can't afford to pick any of these parts up at the moment. Although I'd part with a kidney for some of this stuff. 

eBay username: aschlieve18

This is is just a link to the TIA 3012A they have. Check out their other items for auction, including incredibly rare 4000 series parts. I don't think I've ever seen 4000 Seris equipment for sale anywhere, ever. 
(Auction ends in about 5 hours.)

Sorry for the excitement and go check it out. 

I recently had a 3000 series amplifier. While the bass control was outstanding, I have to agree with one of the contemporary reviewers that the overall amp sounded pretty grainy.

<< sigh >> I wouldn't mind picking up a few of their amps just for the cases though! I think a Hypex stereo pair in a Tandberg case would be sexy as can be. :)
Thanks for the info. I see that the TANDBERG MODEL TCD 3004 CASSETTE DECK is up to $1615 at the moment. Fascinating.

The top of the line player was among the very best! :)

Certainly a good looker!

And of course, the FM tuners were considered among the very best you could buy, ever.