Tony Bennett

Saw/heard him last evening in NYC, Radio City, a great venue to be sure. He was so much better than I had anticipated; I have seen him several times in the past, and the last time he seemed not himself, but last night, despite playing about 75 minutes, he was sounding as great, and as active, involved as ever. Great to see/hear the man, and at older than 85, its a wonder to watch. If you like this style of music, I suggest you see him while you still can.
More like 87.A great American success story, as he started way back when as a singing waiter in New York. I vividly recall one conversation with one vocal buff on the Bennett vs. Sinatra question,who was better? This guy replied,Bennett is just a singing waiter and could not serve Sinatra his meatballs.I found out not too long after that conversation what he meant.Bennett is just not everyones cup of tea.I was sitting down for dinner last night at Carmine's in the Village and now I know why my meal was 75 minutes late.
I like what Bennett quietly does with his money to inspire younger generations.