Too many tube amps

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I recently came across a deal too good to pass up on a Rogue Cronus Magnum I.
I really wasn't looking, but. So here is my dilemma.
Two systems, main system Focal 1008be2, VPI HW-19 mk3, Mac mini, Schiit Bifrost. Yaqin 100b KT88 amp.
Second system, Focal 714, Bluesound Node2, Jolida 502a(Maryland)

Which amp do I sell? I've moded the Yaqin with upgraded coupling caps and Alps black volume pot.
The Jolida is stock, though I was going to start changing caps and resistors. 

The Cronus is staying in the main system, that's for sure, sounds fantastic.

I'll be trying out the Yaqin in place of the Jolida soon, so I'll be able to hear the differences.

But I wanted to get some of your opinions.

I would ditch the yaqin.  I had one years ago and it was quite the piece of junk.  It was a hybrid 80wpc integrated amp that caught on fire and took out a pair of Vandersteen 2ce speakers with it.  The build quality was terrible and the insides had many sharp edges.  I believe I purchased it directly from China.  I couldn't get it fixed locally, so in the trash can it went.
Fried a pair of Vandies? Heck, I would have take a sledgehammer to it.
I left $10k worth of CJ gear for $6.5k worth of PL - not missing CJ at all.  Totally content with Prologue Premium pre-amp +mono-blocks running EL-34s into Harbeth compacts 7ES-3s. still playing with 8 vs 4 ohm taps. The CJ ET3se was a PITA ime. The  mf2550se died on me. PL sounds better to me than CJ combo.
Well very few people ask for my opinion. Since you have I won't disappoint. I would look for speakers more tube friendly. Ref 3A's for example. Once that has been done you can then look for the best amp to drive them. 

Personally I'd ditch the Yaqin. I have yet to hear what the craze is over the brand, maybe I have not heard the right model. The Rogue is a beast with 100wpc from TungSol KT120s, not really a need for tube friendly speakers with a Cronus, plenty in reserve. You may want to try moving to the 4 ohm tap on the amp; you need to remove the top and switch the (+) wire on the terminals but it makes a huge difference with obviously difficult to drive 4 ohm speakers and many 8 ohm too. Too many tube amps is a great problem to have. Cheers! -Mike