too much hype in audio

does anybody remember when it was about the love of music & not the quest for perfection?

i remember when i could listen to my rig for 8 to 10 hrs & be completly involved in the music but now it seems that i spend more time cleaning & upgrading than i do listening.

what is it about this hobby that makes alot uf us this way?
anybody else feel like they have lost sight of the reason they got into hifi in the first place?
let's face it, were're all anal fools with too much time on our hands.

aloha keith
I owned a pair of Klipsch Hereseys for 18 years and was happy. One day, when it seemed Ebay was only selling Beenie Babies, just for the hell of it I searched for Klipsch, and to my amazement I saw 3 pair of Hereseys listed. I never had an avenue to buy/sell audio equipment like this before. Later I happened to find a site named Audiogon, I've been hooked ever since. Similar to Rar1's comments above, I can now talk to people all over the country about a common interest. I'm now on my fourth pair of speakers in 3 years. Additionally, throughout the winter months, I build custom furniture as a hobby. This winter, I have turned on my table saw only twice. I'm finding many hours of relaxation in front of my 2 channel system and on the Web talking to people about equipment and searching for new music. I'm sure the shop will once again be filled with saw dust, but the web has brought me to a whole new world of what I thought was limited to Best Buy and home theater. Too much hype, I don't know, I think Clueless above is on to something accurate, human nature plays into this thing as well. For me the Web is the root of what has brought me back.
I think Clueless hit the nail on the head. I can't tell you how often when I'm searching through the vinyl bins I suddenly realize that I could be home listening to any one of my 6000+ collection and doing what really brings me pleasure. Or is now the searching that really brings me pleasure?
I think people are missing the point that men (audio/video is a male dominated hobby) are by nature "tinkerers" and love a good project! We also like toy's, gadgets, machines, etc. This fits in perfectly with the nature of audio/video reproduction(entertainment), in that it requires "stuff!"...which we like alot. Makes sense to me to want to always work on and improve, othewise HAVE new stuff when you get bored
If you find you are listening to your equipment more than
you are listening to your music, you have crossed the line.
That is not to say it is not fun to make a change in your
system that increases your enjoyment of the music. Just
watch out if you are just listening to your equipment.

It is in all our nature, to one extent or another, not to
leave well enough alone. Like a gambler anticipating the
next roll of the dice, a new car buyer replacing a perfectly
good car, a guy who goes out with his girlfriends sister,
we all give in to the temptation of change.

I still get excited every time I bring home something new
to try out, is that so wrong? Well I shouldn't have tried
my girlfriends sister.