Too Much Power?

I have a question that relates to the maximum power output of new Bel Canto Ref 600M monoblocks, which I am considering to replace the Audio Research 150.2 SS amp I am currently using in my main system. (Yes I am another of the "lunatic fringe" who enjoys the results of good quality Class D.)

The Ref 600Ms are  based on a Hypex Ncore module, and are stated to produce a maximum power output each of 300W into 8 ohms.  My question  is whether this can prove to be a problem in powering my Focal Alto Utopia Be speakers, which are stated to have a "maximum" power handling capacity of 250W each (their nominal impedance being 8 ohms).

I listen to mostly classical instrumental and vocal music and other acoustic instrumental music, and do not listen at particularly loud levels:  the ARC 150.2 is rated at 150W per channel into 8 ohms and it has never in 10 years appeared to go even close to its limits; I rarely if ever  turn up the volume control on my ARC LS-25 past the 11:00 o'clock position.

Should I be concerned about the Bel Cantos damaging the Utopias, given the speakers' 250W per channel maximum capacity and the 300W per channel output potential of these amps?  The Be tweeter and other components of these speakers can be very expensive to have to repair, not to mention the inconvenience and aggravation which I really do not need. 

Thanks in  advance for any thoughts or advice on this.


Thank you to everyone who responded; the comments are really helpful and have allayed any concerns I might have had about the power issue. 

P.S. to Randy-11:  If I do ever need to send them anywhere, you are at the top of the list :)

Yes, it is usually underpower that damages speakers.  Clipping produces a lot of high frequency energy that damages tweeters.  Some amps, including mine (class D Icepower) won't even clip (soft clipping).  Perhaps Hypex is the same way.  In addition, you should hear it ahead of time, as sfall stated.
If there's a problem, it's that you will be paying for a lot more power than you will ever need. Manufacturers love to make you think that more power is better HI FI. This simply is not true. Some of the best systems are powered by no more that 10 to 20 Watts. Quality is much more important than quantity unless it's to impress those who don't know any better.
Ah, but lots of headroom can help a system sound clear and tight..

A lot depends on desired listening levels too. 
One need not worry about too much power, however can purchase too much power.