Too Much Power?

I have a question that relates to the maximum power output of new Bel Canto Ref 600M monoblocks, which I am considering to replace the Audio Research 150.2 SS amp I am currently using in my main system. (Yes I am another of the "lunatic fringe" who enjoys the results of good quality Class D.)

The Ref 600Ms are  based on a Hypex Ncore module, and are stated to produce a maximum power output each of 300W into 8 ohms.  My question  is whether this can prove to be a problem in powering my Focal Alto Utopia Be speakers, which are stated to have a "maximum" power handling capacity of 250W each (their nominal impedance being 8 ohms).

I listen to mostly classical instrumental and vocal music and other acoustic instrumental music, and do not listen at particularly loud levels:  the ARC 150.2 is rated at 150W per channel into 8 ohms and it has never in 10 years appeared to go even close to its limits; I rarely if ever  turn up the volume control on my ARC LS-25 past the 11:00 o'clock position.

Should I be concerned about the Bel Cantos damaging the Utopias, given the speakers' 250W per channel maximum capacity and the 300W per channel output potential of these amps?  The Be tweeter and other components of these speakers can be very expensive to have to repair, not to mention the inconvenience and aggravation which I really do not need. 

Thanks in  advance for any thoughts or advice on this.

Hi bo1972,

     I was thinking English might not be your first language.  I understood your posts and certainly meant no offense. My post was meant simply as constructive feedback to improve your English communication skills.

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bo1972 - Please take you off topic discussion someplace else. This looks like a blatant ad for your project.
People with a 2-dimensional system like dtc owns will never like the things I write. That is more based on their personal limitations.

For example: compare any Naim poweramp with a Pass labs poweramp on speakers who are exceptional in a 3 dimenisonal stage and you will understand why the Pass outperforms the Naim.

Only people who have limited knowledge in music are able to buy a Naim amp. When you would be aware how music sounds and that music is never being played in a 2-dimensional stage, you would never buy Naim.

dtc reads things he does not want to read. He is a person who prefers to read the things he likes to hear. He runs away from the truth.

Facts also proof that any 2-dimensional system never will be used a lot after time. Based on our emotion music played by any 2-dimensional system will never be able to create a lot of emotion during listening.

Pass labs is exeptional in diversity in sound. Also during classical acoustic live music the layering in sound is what creates the emotion for the biggest part.

When you use a Naim source and connects it to a 3-dimensional system, the stage depth will be gone for a big part. This proofs the level in stage depth of a Naim source is rather small. And that is why it is a 2-dimensional source.