Top 3 high compliant mm/mi cartridges

I am looking for suggestions for a vintage mm/mi high compliant cartridge. I plan on using one with a newly aquired ADC LMF2 tonearm.
Hessom 11, 'the new king' may look more attractive but as
Lew stated: '...a buy out of NOS,such that it is really a
treasure hunt, now.' I bought some AKG 8 ES 'super nova'
but of course without styli. No idea what to do with them.
So the desper is already present. I am curious if the new
thread will be of any help. BTW the question is not which
cart but where to find them.


Nagaoka MP50/500 are said to be excellent and are readily available. (MP500 is current production, I think.)
Ortofon M20FL Super and M20E Super are still available NOS.
Who is to say that some of the current production MM and MI cartridges are not every bit as good as the vintage ones, maybe even better. Take a look at Grado, Clearaudio, Sumiko, Soundsmith. Recent manufacture makes those less of a crap shoot in terms of condition.
Over the last few years I've been fortunate enough to have gathered a small handful of "top-top" and "very good" vintage MM/MI/MF cartridges, and enjoy all of them.

If I wanted to buy a vintage one today I'd look carefully at the Nagaoka MP-50 on ebay right now (recently mentioned in Raul's thread). If I was concerned that the MP-50 was not high enough compliance for my arm--or if I wanted new--I'd look at getting the most Soundsmith cartridge I could afford in the SMMC line (acrylic body), high compliance version.

A thought... as long as you can find a stylus carriage for your AKG 8 ES, someone who retips carts should be able to replace the cantilever/stylus on the detachable 'stylus.' So if you find one which has a broken cantilever, that should be fine...
Thanks to all for the suggestions, I didn't realize that cartridges like the ortofon m20flsuper and the Nagaoka m50 were high compliant. I have some of these cartridges mentioned and will be trying them.
Nandric, I have read much of the ongoing mm thread, I must confess this is a lot easier than sifting thru the miles of info thanks to all for repeating yourselves.