Top 3 songs to evaluate a system

Hi everyone,

So here is the question: what are your Top 3 music pieces to evaluate a system?

The songs should be complementary to cover a wider range of features, but not necessary. If you only listen to one type of music, it would make sense to only evaluate with this type.

Bonus: identify one good part of the piece where you pay extra attention because this is where the difference between systems is more visible.

I'll start:

Holly Cole Trio - Girl Talk - My Baby Just Cares For Me
Highlight: The vibrating cord at 1:59

MaMuse - All The Way - Glorious
Highlight - The clean guitar and the high drum beat that rythm the whole piece

Metallica - ... And Justice for All (Remastered) - One
Highlight - The first drums at 0:53, but the whole guitar as well

Doing this myself, I realize it's very hard to only pick 3!!

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This is my go to (othwerwise I just listen to whatever strikes my fancy out of the 4K+ albums that I own). 

To evaluate a system / component whether it will suit your needs:
Listen to music that you like to listen to!And when you make your choices based on that, your system will grow in the direction you take it...

I would recommend listening to all sorts of music you normally listen to. Do that for a month, and then you will notice whether you are happier than before or was it a let-down.

Any other form of evaluation will take you towards a direction where you will not be happy. Use the demo tracks as a learning tool, they are very valuable. But do not use them to make system decisions.
As many have said it’s hard to pick just (3), I have many -  but I do have my #1. A great owner/dealer introduced me to his # 1 (5) years ago and I agree.
The imaging/ soundstage/ separate distinct instruments, with Wynton Marsalis, then with Dianne Reeves voice are simply great. Have a listen and enjoy. I am grateful to that dealer in Tampa.

””The Feeling of Jazz” (covered by many) with 
Wynton and Dianne!


I don't get why Miller Carbon questions why you guys actually still do this?

I would have thought evaluating a system is a completely valid exercise and some recordings are likely to be better than others at revealing flaws.