Top 3 songs to evaluate a system

Hi everyone,

So here is the question: what are your Top 3 music pieces to evaluate a system?

The songs should be complementary to cover a wider range of features, but not necessary. If you only listen to one type of music, it would make sense to only evaluate with this type.

Bonus: identify one good part of the piece where you pay extra attention because this is where the difference between systems is more visible.

I'll start:

Holly Cole Trio - Girl Talk - My Baby Just Cares For Me
Highlight: The vibrating cord at 1:59

MaMuse - All The Way - Glorious
Highlight - The clean guitar and the high drum beat that rythm the whole piece

Metallica - ... And Justice for All (Remastered) - One
Highlight - The first drums at 0:53, but the whole guitar as well

Doing this myself, I realize it's very hard to only pick 3!!


A few more:

John Cale - The Philosopher (The Academy in Peril)

> Crystalline clarity and image placement. 

Van Morrison - Cleaning Windows (Beautiful Vision)

This Mortal Coil - Fond Affections (It Will End In Tears)



So many good choices here, but I haven't seen these so I'll add my $.02:

Sevdaliza - Hubris (almost anything from Ison)

Cat Stevens - Where Do the Children Play?

The Band - The Weight

Genesis - Cinema Show / Aisle of Plenty

“Cyril Davis” - Ginger Baker

”Down To The Well” - Kevin Gordon w/Lucinda Williams

”Pretty Little Ditty”  - Red Hot Chili Peppers




1) 1 khz test tone

2) 500 hz test tone

3) 50 hz test tone

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