Top 5 Hamburgers

Here is how we roll in Cali:

Father's Office, Los Angeles
Hodad's, San Diego
In-N-Out, Baldwin Park
TK Burger, Costa Mesa
Jalama Beach Grill, Santa Barbara

How do you roll?
Not sure if it's still there but remember years ago when living in Chicago, Boston Blackies had good burgers.

Hard to get excited about burgers in NYC when they carry NYC real estate prices. Pizza, yes, burgers, no. The Shake Shack is a joke; most burger joints in the city charge 7 to 10 dollars for what routinely sells for 2 to 4 in the rest of the country. Only the Corner Bistro has a worthy burger and it is a 45 minute wait on a good day. Just my opinion.
Wendy's bacon bleu burger is one of the few we have in Kazoo and I confess to eating one. Something about the two flavors is good depite the horrific Wendy 'burger' flavor.


I forgot we also have Red Robin but a $10 burger should be way better that that!

OK I'm reaching here...
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