Top 5 Hamburgers

Here is how we roll in Cali:

Father's Office, Los Angeles
Hodad's, San Diego
In-N-Out, Baldwin Park
TK Burger, Costa Mesa
Jalama Beach Grill, Santa Barbara

How do you roll?
I meant "throne" instead of "thrown", that misspelling makes a bad distasteful even more revolting.
Me too on the Lebanese food! There used to be a place on Westwood that had great chow. I was just commenting on how far away from burgers we'd gotten. Don't fret; I'm a big high-jacker myself.
Remember Josephine's on Santa Monica? I'm still in mourning.
Orleans had a blackened redfish that was in a blackened SAUCE. It was insane!
Great sandwich board at The Tom O'Shanter on Los Feliz just outside of Glendale. They are owned by Lawry's, and the prime rib is therefore of course incredible to boot.

Tam O'Shanter. Heh, heh. Another old LA place. Had a rental in Los Feliz for awhile, so the drive along Los Feliz Blvd. through Atwater Village and on to Glendale is imprinted on my memory. The golf place to the left, Tam to the right, up to Dinah's and take a left to main drag Glendale. Not that long ago Burbank used to have a lot of old food hangouts that remind me of Hollywood in the Carson years before places like Fred 62 started sprouting up along with the 68 Dodge Dart tattooed driving clientele. Time to get out my DVD of "Things that aren't here anymore" and revisit old LA. Better go before another audiogon-er bitches about the old fart and his twenty sentences.
Ya, in the same strip as Dinah's was (is?) a little Mexican restaurant run by old ladies (need I say more?) that had Nopalitos con Huevos for breakfast (yup! Cactus and eggs!!). Only place in town I ever saw it, and boy, was it good!
The place was called El Ruby Cafe.
If you can't get it prepared the way you want it (med. rare) then it isn't a serious burger place worth stopping at, period! Put an ounce of prune juice per pound in the meat if your worried about e-coli. Worrying about it will kill you faster than anything.
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