Top Audio Designers Of All Time?

We have all had fun and world of info have spilled forth from Audiogon members. Lets give ourselves a round of applause. From me a sincere "Well Done" to all members that have participated. I have learned a great deal. In this thread,which may be a little esoteric for some,lets hear from members that support certain designers. After all if not for their dedication and genius,we would not have the topic or equipment. Ill start the thread for the inventor Thomas Alva Edison.For it was his revolution,that we now find ourselves here. In the more contemporary era I vote for Nelson Pass. His white paper on Cascode/Stasis toplogy was and is truly ground breaking. In my opinion since 1975,other designs are a variation on a theme of Pass.
As a former retailer I know most of these men well.They all were or all practical purposes terrible businessmen. But that wasnt really their forte. Like most truly gifted people only the end result mattered. I sincerely applaud all of them for their undying devotion to the audio art and sciences. Just look how far high end audio has come in just a short span of time!! In due respect to all designers I feel I cannot name just one or two,as I said I know most of them personally. Lets just sit back and enjoy the efforts of Pass,Curl,Levinson,Marantz,Fisher,Van Alstine,and so many others. We can only hope that this new century will bring forth as many gifted designers as the 20th Century did.
My vote goes to Dan D'Agostino; Dave Wilson; John Curl, Bill Firebaugh and that English chap at Meridian.
I guess it matters what era we are talking about. Certainly all the above menetioned designers,have given the audiophile world worthy designs that have stood the test of time. Heres my list,if I cant remember the designer will list the company. 1.Saul Marantz 2.Avery Fisher 3.Dave Bogen 4.Dr. Sydney Harmon 5.Nelson Pass 6.Mark Levinson 7.Frank Van Alstine 8.CM Labs 9.John Curl 10.Henry Kloss Dont take this list in any order,I just listed these 10 as my favorites. What really saddens me is that many of the famous marques of the past are now just shells of what was once proud names in audio.
I'm sure if David Hafler read this thread he would be crushed if he wasn't mentioned as he should be.