Top jazz trios piano, bass, drums on vinyl?

Available on stereo LP would be preferred. Love Billy Taylor. Wish I had a chance to see him live. Are there any box sets of his works on LP? Who else?

I am a fan of Marilyn Crispell, who is one of the best post-Cecil Taylor pianists of our time but she's much more lyrical and delicate particularly in her ballads. It's misleading to called her a Taylor follower as the influence has more to do with their classical background than in style. In recent years she has added a sizable output on ballads in her catalog, which is closer to her other influence in spirit, John Coltrane. Here's an artist fusing the aesthetics of Taylor with the spirituality of Trane and her own her sensitivity. Her trio recordings with bassist Gary Peacock and the late great drummer Paul Motion on ECM are not to be missed. The presence of Motion, unsurprisingly, reminds listeners of the famous Bill Evans trio.

Here's a tracking called "Voices From the Past" from her excellent album "Amaryllis" from 2001. Not sure if it is available on vinyl, along with her other ECM recordings. It really doesn't matter to me, I just go for the music so I bought the CD. much music, so little time...

Now that I got my new rega RP6, the weird older / clasic jazz piano sound / issue is gone. :)
I like Midnight Sugar from Three Blind Mice. It was close-miked with lots of details and dynamic was explosive. Music is nice too.
Anything with Bill Evans, Gene Harris, Oscar Peterson, Earl Garner, Bud Powell etc. Benny Green has a good one, Live at the Vanguard with Christian McBride and Carl Allen, good sonics and music.

I would recommend you LISTEN FIRST before purchasing anything on the Three Blind Mice label. I believe they are now defunct which means you will pay a premium for admittedly very good sonics but not very good jazz. The music sounds arranged to me. In other words, if you like jazz look for American jazz artists. The Japanese artists just don't get jazz IMHO. I have listened to numerous of these recordings and to a one they were all plain boring to listen to. Music first, right?
I agree one should listen first before buying the Three Blind Mice recordings. I only like Midnight Sugar and Misty. The others have good sonics but music is so so.

I do have lots of American jazz. One good example is "We Get Request" by Oscar Peterson. Another is "Soular Energy" by Ray Brown and Gene Harris.