Top jazz trios piano, bass, drums on vinyl?

Available on stereo LP would be preferred. Love Billy Taylor. Wish I had a chance to see him live. Are there any box sets of his works on LP? Who else?
I like Midnight Sugar from Three Blind Mice. It was close-miked with lots of details and dynamic was explosive. Music is nice too.
Anything with Bill Evans, Gene Harris, Oscar Peterson, Earl Garner, Bud Powell etc. Benny Green has a good one, Live at the Vanguard with Christian McBride and Carl Allen, good sonics and music.

I would recommend you LISTEN FIRST before purchasing anything on the Three Blind Mice label. I believe they are now defunct which means you will pay a premium for admittedly very good sonics but not very good jazz. The music sounds arranged to me. In other words, if you like jazz look for American jazz artists. The Japanese artists just don't get jazz IMHO. I have listened to numerous of these recordings and to a one they were all plain boring to listen to. Music first, right?
I agree one should listen first before buying the Three Blind Mice recordings. I only like Midnight Sugar and Misty. The others have good sonics but music is so so.

I do have lots of American jazz. One good example is "We Get Request" by Oscar Peterson. Another is "Soular Energy" by Ray Brown and Gene Harris.

Thank you and based on your response, I shall look for and purchase this recording as I haven't heard it AND providing it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I will hold you personally responsible if I categorize it with the bulk of the titles on that label. I will keep you posted on the results of my findings. ;^)
After looking for this recording, it doesn't by any chance, have a guy named Yamamoto on piano does it? Please tell me it ain't so. I bought one of his recordings, "What a Wonderful Trio" on, I believe, the JVC label. This was based on a recommendation on THIS SITE. It cost me 35 bucks + shipping to listen to well recorded "cocktail jazz", no thanks if that is the guy on your recommendation, I've heard enough from him on that recording to know he doesn't get it. Please take no offense but to my ears this is NOT jazz. It is geared towards good sound, and nothing about jazz.

Again, please take no offense. My response is for the benefit of the OP and is not meant to insult. The reason I MAKE NOTE of this is the prices asked for this ...., I'll bite my tongue. Check out the prices on e-bay or Amazon.