Top manufacturers!

I am just getting into the high-end area and was wondering who out there is consistantly making the highest quality components year after year.
Hluker It goes to show you that the REAL REASON there are so many manufacturers of audio equipment is that there are so many varying opinions as to sounds good. It isn't an easy journey. The rewards can be great if you are a music lover. If you become an "Audiophile" (my definition is one who becomes enamored of the sound of system rather than a system that serves the music as produced on the recording) you might end up in the merrygoround world of the audiophile. That is changing gear like you change your clothes. What is most important is to assimilate all that you can and make your judgements based on YOUR happens is that you will be more influenced by Gerrym5
Top manufacturers (in my experience. NOT in order of quality): Amplification: Audio Research, Cary, Krell, Sonic Frontiers. Speakers: B&W, Martin Logan, ProAc, Thiel. Source: Magnum Dynalab, Krell. Cables: MIT.
There is one name which is not known among dealers yet a name producing most exquisite preamps in the world. I am referring to Mr. Don Morrison and E.L.A.D. standing for Electronic Line Amplifying Device. I invite everyone to visit as well as I am waiting for my ELAD to arrive. I have been an audio enthusiast for the last 30 years and have not found better service than Don’s. Considering the performance, reference standard components – watch out (not to mention the under $1,000 price tag). Andrew G.
Krell, Magnepan, Resolution Audio, MIT, VPI, and ASC in that order...for me so far, anyway.