Top monitors 3K - 6K range

Hello all,

I am looking into some flagship monitors and I'd like some help/recommendations. I don't have a single sound I like and my tastes in music are pretty diverse too. Currently I have a few nice speakers including Harbeth SHL-5, B&W 805N, Magnepan 1.6 and PSB Imagine B. These speakers are all pretty different and I do like them all. I have owned Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M which somehow did not do it for me, amazing imaging but a little thick. Also I have had the Merlin TSM MMI which was great but my amplification is SS which seems to cause some restrictions.

My room is 12x16, speakers on the short wall. I do tend to like a slightly warm sounds but I also love dynamics, pinpoint imaging and sexy looking cabinets.

I am currently looking into:

B&W 805D
Totem Mani 2 Signature
Dynaudio C1
Focal Micro Be
Usher BE-718
Volent VL-2
Evolution MMMicroOne

Any recommendations? Am I missing anything?
Another Vote for the Lenehan ML1's.

You just wont believe all that sound is commimg from that little box!
Your desire for imaging, delicate treble and listenability perfectly describe the Dynaudio c1. As mentioned previously, I have been so happy with my upgrade from Proac 2.5.

I tend to listen for long periods and I never experience any fatigue. Just lush beautiful music, like the musicians are in the room with me. Mine by the way are the newer c1. I believe MKII.
The Evolution Acoustics Micro Ones are insanely good. I own a pair of EA MM3s in my main system and recently picked up a pair of Micro Ones for a 2nd system. The Micros share their big brother's fabulous tonal balance and have bass output which needs to be heard to be believed. Truly a breakthrough monitor at an unbelievable price. Fit and finish equal the MM3s!
Focal Diablo Utopia. Maybe out of your price range a bit. I've only heard of their bigger model Scala but Diablo is direct competition to some of the speakers you mentioned and most likely to come out ahead. It's the smallest brother of Grande Utopia, $180k cost no object reference speakers.
I ended up getting a set of Focal Utopia Micro BE. They are very nice. They are different anything I have heard. Soundstage beyond the speakers in all directions, cartoony image. I've had them for about a week so it is still very early.