top notch 4k projector

also im after a projector on a bargain price for under £1500 i want it to do the biggect diagonal screen size image posdible at a distance of about 12 feet from sitting away from the screen
im after a 4k projector for top notch visuals
i want i want it to give me the best visuals currently available i want it for really showing of the very latest blockbuster movies special effects films and the same for gaming as well

what 4k projector is currently out there for the price would give me a top notch picture quality at this price
A used jvc dila pixel shifter with a 4k input. wait for the right one to show up.

while figuring out how to snag that and be successful, you can spend the time looking at the used listings and biding your time, getting educated.

otherwise, get out yer $15k-$20k capable checkbook, for a new updated JVC 4k unit.
Gaining quality with no brainpower applied, requires money.

Not spending money requires applying brainpower and time. Your choice. If money is not on your list of birds in hand, then brainpower and time applied - it is. No free rides. sure bets launched into/via desire... requires the big spend.

The next step down is one of the (not really) 4k but pixel shifting DLP units with the larger chip, not the smaller chip one, which is more common..

good luck exploring and doing all the research required. Have fun.
One small tip, projector central and their capsule-ish reviews and then abilities to see specs and pricing, is a good place to start.