Top phono cartrige to match jfrech's system ...

Please click on my system link first. I'm looking for a cartrige to upgrade from my Helikon. Also, I'm going on a buisness trip to Japan soon. I'm hoping I can buy something over there just a little cheaper-but this is not a requirement.

My system weaknesses are, just a little cool in the midrange, just a little hot on the top end and images could be a little rounder. Strengths are excellent detail, excellent bass definition, very quiet, transparent etc. I'm using Amperex 7308's in the phono stage. Telefunkens sound better...but are noisier. Bad trade off I think.

The only other possible upgrade is to a Aesthetix Rhea or Io. Maybe even the depth charge cap upgrade on my P10SE. My BAT Phono is great with outputs around .5mv...anything much lower and I'll have to use the transformers. Which I think cut down on quality some vs going direct to the input tubes.

My thoughts, and I wish I could audition these in my system, but I doubt I can...

Lyra Titan
Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum
Dynavector XV-1 or XV-1s

Any others? Any comments on why I'll like/dislike the above? Thanks for your help !
I think one of the high end Koetsu platinums, (like the Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum you suggest), would work well. My turntable dealer uses the SME 30 and he only ever uses Koetsu Cartridges. (I think he is now using the "tigers eye" Koetsu cartrdidge.)

One thing though, make sure your phono stage is up to the task, as it has a low output of 0.2 mv.

I use the Koetsu Black, and I am very happy with it. In fact, as it has now broken in, I am considering delaying upgrading to my next cartridge, (the Koetsu Urushi), as this is really sounding good. (That way I can pay for it, instead of putting it on the credit card!) No matter what though, I will keep the Black as a backup cartridge.

Good Luck in your search!
I upgaded from a Helikon to a Titan and teh improvement was
significant in every respect, including better focus, greater transparency and more body, more refined top end. The thing though which really sold me is that it has real slam and presence. I always liked the Helikon but thought that it was a very polite cartridge. This is definitely not the case with the Titan. Given your speakers, the Titan would play to their strong suit. You may want to speak with Jim Meine at Epic Audio in Houston who is a dealer. I would not buy this as a gray market item as the importer will not warrant them.
Hi Jfrech,
Do yourself a favor and listen to Cartridge MAn Music Maker. You'll be able to drive it direct w/o a phono stage and it will fit your descriptions above while coplementing the weaknesses. A real sleeper of a cart IMHO.
The Cartridge Man Music Maker is a very high compliance MM cartridge - I think that it is >20um/mN - thus it will be a poor match for Jfrech's SME arm, which appears to be a medium-heavy tonearm.
Similar reasoning for all Van den Hul cartridges.

Maybe 3 others that could make your list are:-
Jan Allaerts MC1 or MC1 Boron MkII
Miyabi 47
Kondo IO-j
I had SME 20/2 with SME V tonearm. I just replaced Colibri XCM for the Benz LP. This cartridge is matched for SME V. I am very happy with the current set-up.