Top Speaker Cables for SET System- under $5k used

I realise there is no 'best' and many opinions, however am looking for thoughts on some of the better speaker cabling out there for SET setups- i.e. very revealing, but with natural tonality and full frequency response.
Cary Audio has selected WyWires Gold Series cables for their room at CES this year. They'll be using the 211 (845) founder's edition amps and the big Tannoy speakers. WyWires Gold have the Bybee Quantum Purifiers built in. They sell for $3299 new. Full disclosure...I'm the manufacturer.
I use DIY silver foil speaker cables with my Lamm SETs.

There was a group buy quite a few years ago organized by John Chapman and he obtained some wide pure silver foil for the participants. I paid around $200. These cables are just foils, wrapped in wide Teflon plumbers tape, and the placed back to back and wrapped again with Telflon. The ends are shaped with some Origami-like folding of the foil and then I cut a notch with some small scissors - so no connectors.

I think good silver cables go well with SETs. These ribbon cables were great with my Welborne Labs 300b SETs, and even better with the Lamm ML2.1s.

Thanks everyone- agreed that silver (very good silver) might be the way to go here. Charles1dad, what a coincidence- I was thinking of Ocellia actually! I have a 1m pair of their silver reference interconnect coming soon. I also hear the Ocellia power cords are fantastic. The one (and it's arguable) weakness of all the products I have hard (ironically given the nature of my thread) is the speaker cable, which some have found 'slightly light in the bass'. **However, an Oceallia dealer told me that one guy actually bought a double-run of the speaker cable, and that helped fill in the bass nicely- interesting...
The bass performance of the Ocellia is superb and well balanced,just nice and natural without over emphasizing the region.