Top Ten Classical SACD's

I'm looking to add more classical music to my SACD library. I have all of the
MTT SFSO Mahler SACD series and am enjoying them, but I'm looking for more. Recomendations please!
La Folia - various composers 1490-1701, by Jordi Savall on AliaVox (AV9805). Beautiful selections, great performances, well engineered.
Carl Off: Carmina Burana conducted by Robert Shaw on the Telarc label SACD-60056. This is a classic digital recording remastered using the SACD technology. Equally Great music, performance and sound.

Mahler: Symphony # 3 conducted by Benjamin Zander on the Telarc label 3SACD-60599. Original SACD recording newly released in Feb 2004. Great performance with an extra CD of the conductor discussing the composition. Highly recommended for Mahler fans.
3-Channel (front) Hybrid SACD from Everest:
Music by Ginastera, Antill and Villa-Lobos (The Little Train Of The Caipira, Corroboree, Panambi, Estancia). Excellent music, Demo class.
Florestan Trio: Ravel/Faure/Debussy Piano Trios.(Especially the Ravel.) A hybrid disc on the Hyperion label.

While I'm at it, I nominate "Nature's Realm", on Water Lily,
as #1 on a list of the Ten WORST! Blumlein be damned, it sounds as if the mikes were at the mouth of a cave entrapping the hapless Philadelphia Orch. It might just as well have been recorded in mono. It's also all "boom and sizzle", just like olden times.
BArtok, Bluebeard's Castle, Philips, Budapest Festival Orchestra, Fischer Ivan