Top Ten Interconnects of all time...

A tip of the hat to FERRARI...(and to those great auto's!). I have enjoyed the "Top Ten" threads...So,.. What is you favorite Interconnect cables of all time? I will start this off with the following candidates...Wireworld Gold Eclipse III, Cardas Golden Reference, Nirvana S-L and S-X, Nordost Quattrofil..and the rest is up to you.
As I sit here chowing a medium-rare burger with steak fries, 4 come to mind :

Cardas Hexlink Golden 5-C

Magnan Type VI

Purist Audio Dominus

Virtual Dynamics Master or Revelation

Nice choice of interconnects, but come on.....cook that burger a little longer. I prefer medium well.

My CRL/FIM Gold IC's are a pain in the butt to position and install, BUT they are music to my ears. Amazing tight deep bass, crystal clear highs, and midtone magic. I now have them as my speaker cable, IC's and power cords. I haven't heard every IC out there, but of the one's I have owned, heard, and demo'd in my system...CRL/FIM Gold IC's rule!

I MUST *respectfully disagree* with you on cooking meats.

I like my flavor(s) more liquid, life-like, almost CRAWLING.

The antithesis of dry, life-less, never MOVES !!

HA !!!!!!!!!!