Top Ten Interconnects of all time...

A tip of the hat to FERRARI...(and to those great auto's!). I have enjoyed the "Top Ten" threads...So,.. What is you favorite Interconnect cables of all time? I will start this off with the following candidates...Wireworld Gold Eclipse III, Cardas Golden Reference, Nirvana S-L and S-X, Nordost Quattrofil..and the rest is up to you.
I own both the Fulton Brown's and Fulton Gold speaker cable. I mention this next part for perspective to possible cable purchasers. The Signal Cable Silver Resolutions beat the Fulton's. I'm not necessarily advocating the Silver Resolutions(although, I am with Nuforce amps), it just gives a realistic bent to this discussion. We can talk about the past(for instance, I have the original MIT interconnects), and that is good, but if someone is currently in the market for cables, the cables mentioned here would be incorrect for you.
I have tried tons of cables over the years.
Most of the top of lines from MIT, Transparent, Nordost, Cardas, Wireworld, Harmonic Tech, Acoustic Zen, Audioquest, Purist Audio etc, etc....
And until this day the best so far are Nordost Quattro fil and Magnan Silverbronze. Very neutral, utterly musical and extremely resolving.
My system:
ARC Reference One (sold my Ref2 mk2 for this one)
My own loudspeakers
T+A D10
Extensive power supply cleaning through Exactpower EP-15A, Shunyata Hydra 8 and Anacondas of different types.
Electraglide Epiphany X (on its way out) and Elrod EPS-2S (more to come from these, since it made wonders on my Ref One).
Audioquest Silver and Anti-Cables. Don't twist the Anti-Cables in spite of the recommendation.
If I May , In my system the Purist Anniversary IC's have been the best & not by just a little ,but by a lot. They bettered cables by Stealth, Audioquest, Straight Wire, Kubala Sosa, Cardas, Nordost. Just to name a few. The cables from these manufactors were all great cables & were there top shelf cables. Purist just raised the bar in my opinion. I'm sure glad for this site, its allows us to try many a cable to see what works best for our systems, for a discounted price.
My List in order
Purist Anniversary #1, They blew me away
Purist Dominus # my second choice
Stealth Indra # you can't go wrong
Nordost Valhalla # the most open, but lacked the low end I need
Straight Wire Crescendo,# The best for the money
Cardas, # always great
Kubala Sosa Emotion
Just one persons opinion, in one persons system