Top Ten Speaker Cables of all time?...

What is the best sounding speaker cables you have ever used? I won't suggest any to start...because all have left me wanting a do you think?
Iam very happy with my synergistic designers ref. along with the designers ref.ic with acticve sheilding.
I would like to try THE ONE from tara though.
Best speaker cables I ever used were the capacitor and inductor coil leads from my rebuilt MGIIIA crossovers that I connected to the tube monos sitting right behind the panels. Incredible.
Jim, Gutwire is a Cnadaian cable manufacturer located just north of Toronto...I have their 2nd from top power cord (lucious red in colour), excellent build quality, and comes with a unique alligator 'ground' clip! Their other cables include interconnects & speaker...I have not yet tried any. You can read several reviews of Gutwire in "The Inner Ear Report" a Canadian glossy publication. The owner and lead writer, one Ernie Fisher, is respected as having 'golden ears', though his writing style has a sameness to it over time. The mag is very well turned out, though. Gutwire is now advertising in most of the main audio mags. also. Good luck!