Top Ten Speakers of All Time?

Well its time for a new Top Ten Thread. WOW-Have I learned a lot.Thanks to all Audiogon members.Have had several e mail thanking the Top Ten Threads. We have a lot of new members just starting their High End adventure. Info was much appreciated. I will start the thread for the Acoustat 2+2 and Model 2 of which I still own and continue to enjoy. So lets have your top ten members. --- MANY THANKS ---
How do you guys get a chance to listen to all these great speakers? Do you belong to a club? Do you have friends that are all audiophiles? I am alone when it comes to good listening stuff in my group of friends, so I have no one to share any of this. My brother thinks I am nuts.

It is too bad that posters could not include a retail and wholesale price with the speakers they are recommending. That would be very helpful to me and maybe to others, too.
Matchstikman, you should go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It's every January and every speaker discussed here (that is still being manufactured) will likely be there.

Listening conditions are not that great, but considering entry is free and airfare, hotel and food can be had for as little as $500.00, it is a bargain not to be missed. Below is a link to my thread on this subject. Many others may be found by using the word "CES" in the search engine here at Audiogon.
I have a pair (# 17 & 18)of Snell Type A speakers since 1978. Apart from having to replace blown fuses and the occasional driver, the speakers have always been up to the task to handle whatever power source that I use to drive it. Rather than spending thousands of dollars to replace them, I spent $500.00 to replace all the drivers last year. Although the Snell Type A-III are probably better I think the orginal Snell Type A were and still are fantastic sounding speakers.
Although they're small, Mission 770's were a true classic. I always regretted not buying a pair when I had the chance - sweetest little 2-way ever made.