Top Ten Speakers of All Time?

Well its time for a new Top Ten Thread. WOW-Have I learned a lot.Thanks to all Audiogon members.Have had several e mail thanking the Top Ten Threads. We have a lot of new members just starting their High End adventure. Info was much appreciated. I will start the thread for the Acoustat 2+2 and Model 2 of which I still own and continue to enjoy. So lets have your top ten members. --- MANY THANKS ---
Caveat, I put price visa vis the era of introduction into consideration, top to bottom: Vandersteen 2's, Thiel 3.5's, Magnaplanar III's, Dunlavy SCIVA's, Martin Logan CLS, Quad ESL 63's, Linn Kans, Original Acoustic Research sealed boxes, PSB Alphas, Acustats. Honorable mention to Advents and Spica TC 50's. I haven't heard the Sound Labs, German Physics/Huffs,and I'm sure a lot of other worthwhile candidates.
These are the speakers that have most pushed my buttons (in no particular order):
1. Stacked Advents
2. Klipsch LaScala
3. Yamaha NS1000
4. Stax F81
5. Spendor LS3/5a
6. Quad 63 w/Entec SW1 subwoofers
7. Vandersteen 2Ce
8. Martin Logan CLS w/Entec subwoofers (the big 3 woofer per side jobbies)
9. Avantgarde Duo
10. Wilson Watt/Puppy 7
Naim DBL,Tannoy TD12,Revel Salon,Linn Komri and ATC 100 active.I own Tannoy TD12
Not in order

Beverage Model 2
Infinity Beta
Dalquist DQ10
Avalon Eidolon
Duntech Sovereign
ML CLS/Kinergetics
Bose 901 in the 70's
Ohm A
IMF Monitor
LinnIsobarik Triamped only