Top Ten Speakers of All Time?

Well its time for a new Top Ten Thread. WOW-Have I learned a lot.Thanks to all Audiogon members.Have had several e mail thanking the Top Ten Threads. We have a lot of new members just starting their High End adventure. Info was much appreciated. I will start the thread for the Acoustat 2+2 and Model 2 of which I still own and continue to enjoy. So lets have your top ten members. --- MANY THANKS ---
in just about every price level,magnapan speakers give the biggest bang for the buck.
Acoustat Spectra 66 - deepest bass of any full-range electrostat ever made, & sensational imaging. Only downside is need huge room to sound their best.
I loved my Infinity Kappa 7's about 13 years ago. Then came across some used DCM Time-Windows. I still have them to this day, and they are still my main speakers. I have
listened to MANY speakers the last few years but I am so much in love with the sound of these old timers. The bass is sooo smooth!!