Top Ten Speakers of All Time?

Well its time for a new Top Ten Thread. WOW-Have I learned a lot.Thanks to all Audiogon members.Have had several e mail thanking the Top Ten Threads. We have a lot of new members just starting their High End adventure. Info was much appreciated. I will start the thread for the Acoustat 2+2 and Model 2 of which I still own and continue to enjoy. So lets have your top ten members. --- MANY THANKS ---
I second Dekay on the LS3/5A. With the right tube amp, these can compete with the very best from 60hz on up. This is especially true of the older 15 ohm versions. Few have heard them with the very best tube amplification.
They are newbie's but they are the best I have heard in my system: the Talon Audio Khorus.
AVANTGARDE DUOS - Version Two. After owning these speakers for the past month (with BAT "SE" gear), I just may terminate my relationship with Audiogon (just kidding). These days, I'd rather be listening to music, as opposed to talking about it. For some reason the DUOS have a better balance than the AVANTGARDE UNOS or the TRIOS. I am still fishing around for Cabling...any suggestions?
Readymix: Are the newer bi-wirable versions not as good? How do they differ in sound? I keep checking them out on EBay (right now there is a new in the box Spendor version) but am only familiar with the old Rogers single wire version which I owned in the 70's and 80's. I ran them off a pair of Dynaco Stereo 70's, a pair of Mac 30's and also off an Eico HF-81. Boy, they really sounded musical in a smaller room. Even though the HF and LF was not as good as my current setup if I were to pick them apart, it was just the overall sound that killed.