Top ten tube preamps

What are your top 10 tube line stage preamps of all time?
I've owned a ton of high end preamps and amps both tubed and solid state but I never heard such an amazingly "real" sound as when I hooked up my 400xi/sacd combo tp my res 2 speakers using Transparent MM PC's and MIT V2.2 cabling. The soundstage was huge, warm, layered and brimming with dynamics...clear, smooth and vinyl!!
Dave-b : what is for you "a ton of high end preamps" ?

Can you be more specific ?

Because "high end" does not mean rhe same for everybody...
Levinson No.32 and 380S, Krell KCT and Evo202, BAT VK-3 and 51SE, ARC LS 25 and 26 plus ref 2 and 3, Sonic Frontiers Linestage 3? (reference 2 chassis unit), Mcintosh C46 and C2000.
Levinson 32 reference, ARC 2 and 3, BAT 51se, Krell Evo 202 and KCT, Mcintosh C46 and MC2000(tube), Sonic Frontiers reference linestage(#escapes me but it was 2 chassis)plus some old CJ stuff! Anything else would have been on demo only.